Rohilla Mohalla : A Social Design Project

Understanding Rampur - One of India's 725 District Headquarter Towns


Textile trail in Uttar Pradesh

Between 2012 and 2015, the Rohilla Mohalla Project worked with aari and zardozi artisans in Rampur. The result of this programme with its design intervention, provision of interest-free loans and working capital, and linkage with markets as far as Europe, was the creation of some very unique and stunning products which is beautifully described in this book. This book, with over 120 vivid photographs, serves not only as a compass, but a companion, taking both the tourist and the armchair traveler to the inner sanctums of UP’s textile life.

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National Geographic TRAVELLER India.

An article published in the National Geographic Traveller India magazine, in its February 2013 issue.

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