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Understanding Rampur - One of India's 725 District Headquarter Towns

Census Report

Date :2019-06-20

Rampur is one of district of Uttar Pradesh in India. There are 6 Tehsils, 1,163 villages and 10 towns in Rampur district. As per the Census India 2011, Rampur district has 3,93,736 households, population of 23,35,819 of which 12,23,889 are males and 11,11,930 are females. The population of children between age 0-6 is 3,79,227 which is 16.24% of total population. The sex-ratio of Rampur district is around 909 compared to 912 which is average of Uttar Pradesh state. The literacy rate of Rampur district is 44.68% out of which 51.51% males are literate and 37.17% females are literate. The total area of Rampur is 2,367 with population density of 987 per Out of total population, 74.8% of population lives in Urban area and 25.2% lives in Rural area. There are 13.18% Scheduled Caste (SC) and 0.02% Scheduled Tribe (ST) of total population in Rampur district.

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Language Report

Date :2019-06-20

The Census of 2011 also provided detailed analysis of Rampur District & its town's linguistic break-up. The "Mother Tongue" of all citizens was recorded in the census.

In Rampur town, 61.5% have URDU as their mother tongue, 31.4% have HINDI and 0.9% have PUNJABI, as their mother tongue. However, no details on written skills are known and it is speculated that most of the 61.5% URDU mother tongue speakers, actually can't write in URDU script but can write in NAGARI script. Taking the low Rampur district literacy rate of approx 53.34 % into account, the following " REACH-O-METER " App developed by us can provide you more details on each of Rampur's linguistic mix -

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